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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Is a cash home-buying company the right choice for selling my home?

Deciding whether a cash home buying company suits your needs depends on your priorities. We offer an all-cash, hassle-free option with no repairs, cleaning, fees, or commissions, and it eliminates traditional sale hassles like open houses. We even cover closing costs. However, this convenience may come with a lower cash offer than market value, considering agent fees, closing costs, and ongoing expenses during the market sale process.

2.) Am I locked into a commitment after filling out the form?

You are under no obligation to proceed with us once you submit the form. Even if we initiate the process and you later decide it’s not the right choice, there are no costs to you. While we believe you’ll appreciate our services, you’re free to explore alternative options. Our payment is contingent on the profit we generate from buying and selling your house on the market.

3.) What happens to my house after you buy it?

Upon acquiring your home, we invest in necessary repairs and renovations to elevate it to high standards. We then collaborate with a real estate agent to list and sell the property, covering all associated costs like repairs, closing expenses, and commissions. Any profit generated from this process sustains our business, enabling us to assist other clients in hassle-free home selling. Our work also contributes to enhancing local neighborhoods and the overall economy.

4.) Do you offer a fair price?

Maintaining our strong reputation and integrity, we are committed to providing nothing less than a fair price. We employ a straightforward approach, breaking down every aspect so you can understand how we arrive at our offer. It starts with the market value, considering repairs and renovations post-purchase, subtracting those costs along with selling expenses. We add our modest commission to this, resulting in the cash offer we extend to you for your house.

5.) Will you offer a reasonable price for my house?

We are committed to offering fair prices for houses, prioritizing homeowner satisfaction with our transparent cash offers, which include no hidden fees or repair costs. Keep in mind that a fair price may differ from “market value,” especially if your house needs updates or repairs. We consider these factors when crafting our offers and may explore “creative financing” to benefit both parties. Rest assured, we present all available options with each offer.

6.) Will you simply list my house on the market?

Our primary objective is to purchase your house and undertake any necessary renovations. We only proceed to sell it on the market or retain it as a rental property after the necessary improvements have been made.

7.) Do I have to clean or make repairs before leaving?

No, you don’t need to clean or repair before leaving. After we complete the house purchase, we’ll handle all cleaning and necessary repairs. Feel free to leave behind anything you no longer want, and we’ll take care of it.

8.) Is listing with an agent the right option?

Depending on your timeline and your house’s condition, listing with an agent can be a viable choice. However, the traditional route can often be drawn out and stressful, with showings, inspections, and months passing before finding a buyer. Additionally, there’s the risk of a buyer’s financing falling through. If you’re seeking a quick sale and want to avoid these hassles while getting cash in hand, We can provide the solution you’re looking for.

9.) Will you buy my house in poor condition?

Yes, we will. House flipping is part of our business model, and we anticipate making repairs and enhancements to increase its market value after the acquisition. This means you don’t have to undertake those tasks yourself, and you’ll still receive a similar selling price without the lengthy hassles. Our typical closing timeframe is about a month, but in some cases, it can happen as quickly as two to three weeks. We aim to simplify the home selling process for you.

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